• Projects that facilitate engagement with the community, as taught and demonstrated by Christ in the gospels
  • Support of street preaching and other mission field activities
  • Domestic and international missions work
  • Support for religious, medical or humanitarian missions travel through Mission Flight (for travel originating in US)
  • Prison ministry activities
  • Elder care ministry activities
  • Faith-based family crisis resources and counseling
  • Adoption and crisis pregnancy support projects
  • Prophetic ministry training (short term projects)
  • Training for pastoral leaders of very small churches
  • Ministry development and church planting activities not related to church construction or other capital projects
  • Worship arts and worship restoration projects 
  • Training projects for creative and technical writing
  • Skills development training
  • Intercessory prayer projects
  • Projects providing practical help, comfort, visitation, support and healing for the sick
  • Addiction counseling
  • Activities that teach dynamic, biblical business and organizational principles 
  • Entrepreneurship training in communities
  • Business incubator projects that serve funds-disadvantaged communities
  • Social outreach projects
  • Anti-violence initiatives
  • Evangelism training
  • Training in biblical healing (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • Materials and field support for evangelism
  • Student-led prayer initiatives
  • Community youth engagement projects
  • Community activism and leadership training based on biblical principles
  • Care for the homeless and the needy
  • Projects to combat child hunger
  • Child abuse intervention and preventive training
  • Domestic and family abuse intervention and counseling
  • Advocating for faith-based principles and causes in our communities (we do not fund political advocacy)
  • Workforce preparedness and training
  • Justice issues for the disadvantaged
  • Short term training for ministry workers

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The Lydia Tree offers financial support in the form of grants.  We will ask for information about your ministry project in a grant application or proposals.  Applications for grants will be received on a rolling basis and reviewed by a panel of reviewers.  Successful applicants will receive notification in writing of the decision and amount of any award.

Grants are awarded at the sole discretion of The Lydia Tree.   Applicants should be prepared to provide any needed information in support of their applications, and to provide a follow-up report to The Lydia Tree about the outcomes of the project for which  the grant was received.

The micro grants may be matching grants, not to exceed $1000.  

Micro Grants
We expect that applicants will work diligently to raise funds from various sources, but a dollar-for-dollar match is not necessarily required.  Grants will be awarded based on an application, which will include grant proposal information.   The number of grants we make will be limited by the nature of the projects supported, and by the funds available.

Other Grants
In the future and as contributions increase, the organization contemplates making larger grants to support projects that meet its mission and objectives.  For such grants, the process will include obtaining specific information about the recipient’s organizational structure, financial and tax-exempt status, and details about the purpose and use of the grant.

Regrettably, we cannot support capital projects, e.g. for construction, or real estate purchases.


The Lydia Tree will also serve developing ministries in these ways:

  • Resource Seminars that prepare your ministry for outside funding, grant-seeking and grant-writing
  • Surveys - learn about ministry projects that are similar to yours in purpose and scope
  • Research assistance -to project leaders planning for ministry development (limited to a specific ministry project and scope)
  • Networking support to connect you with like-minded individuals

Please note we are still building these resources and will gradually increase our capacity to respond to as many requests as possible.
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